The Write Path offers a supportive circle where no critic or editor may enter. Discover the place where each writer feels ‘heard, really heard.” With Write Path encouragement and support, you will learn to trust your own words and thoughts.

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what to expect

Writing helps make sense of life and uncovers the writer’s organic wisdom. More like play than therapy, writing in a confidential group helps develop emotional flexibility, trust, and the courage to design a life that makes sense. Individuals gain confidence to speak up, take action, and move forward in their lives.

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Journal and Poetry Therapy

Poetry Therapy and expressive writing open the door to healing through the words and symbols used by poets and writers. Poetry offers symbolism, imagery, and emotion, which help group members find new attitudes and hope.


Personal Growth Groups

The focus in all Personal Growth Groups is a mixture of healing and Creative growth. Similar in their structure to Poetry Therapy groups, some consider Personal Growth groups “therapy lite.” However you frame it, these groups are healthful and a lot of fun.


Creative Writing

With the expert guidance of a creative and trained facilitator, the journal-writers enjoy support for their words rather than critique. A safe environment helps jump-start confidence, open the door to inspiration, and kindle inspired living.



A few years ago, I rebounded from a personal slump after attending a writing workshop. Exercising creative muscles rekindled my enthusiasm and energy. The Write Path was born from that experience.

At first, the Write Path seemed a bold experiment. Would others find healing and renewal with the strokes of their very own pen? Today my convictions suffer no doubt. Whether the writing is personal or creative, the simple act of writing inspires the living and wakens the dead. Much like meditation, writing helps you get in touch. Alone on the page, you are free to explore what you actually think and feel.

Journal-writers soon learn that writing helps make sense of what seems senseless. They discover hidden or forgotten talents and potential. Creativity unfurls. Today a small entry . . . tomorrow . . . a novel or poem or a song.

On the Write Path you regain a sense of your optimistic self. Write your way to emotional, spiritual, and physical health as you develop an enduring writing practice. You need no special skills to begin. Take a stroll through these pages and join us on a journey to a brighter tomorrow.
Welcome to the Write Path.  

What People Are Saying...

The Write Path thrilled my co-writers and me with creative discovery. We were emboldened by the safe environment. I gained that certain clarity that comes with tears and mirth as shadows are lighted in the telling of our tales.

– Robert Whitlatch, poet & photographer